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For Christian influencers who need a vehicle to share their spirit-led content, Creation House is a highly respected brand with experts who provide enthusiatic, profession and gospel-centered service to authors.

Today's economic landscape makes it challenging for new or less known authors to get traditional contracts with major publishing companies. That is why we offer co-publishing as an alternative. Years of experience have equipped us to offer Christian authors custom publishing options that are both effective and exceptional. 

The Creation House model is a hybrid between self-publishing and traditional publishing, and with the experience and support that typically comes from a traditional publisher, we are essentially the best of both worlds. As a leading custom publishing company, we offer all the benefits of self publishing combined with the experience that has come from years of tested and proven strategies for bringing manuscripts to life.  

As a leader in publishing for more than 40 years, the legacy of Creation House lies in its name and reputation for quality, integrity and excellence for our products and services. Creation House is no longer receiving any new projects or manuscript submissions.