Multimedia is an important aspect of the book marketing process, and some of our marketing plans include a video book trailers, which is a valuable tool for building author platforms and bringing attention to books. Book trailers are posted here, on our website, and on YouTube, the most popular video-sharing website in the world. Check out the book trailers for some of our most recent authors. 

God’s Answer for America! is a timely prophetic message and strategic plan that reveals how to dramatically transform our nation, beginning with our churches. While displaying the gravity of America’s spiritual condition and situation, Darrel and Cindy offer tremendous vision and hope for the astounding change that will come if we heed God’s solution.



PhilippianNotes by Greg Hinnant is a uniquely insightful, informative, and moving tapestry of transformational truth and wisdom. It will deepen your appreciation for the apostle Paul, his teachings, and all that God accomplished in and through him—and desires to do in and through us.


An Overcoming Life is an inspiring 31-day devotional containing selections for men and women who want to become more adept at applying the Word of God to their lives. Each day arrives with its own unique challenges that will test what we know and believe. This book is filled with great spiritual encouragement, and is an extremely useful tool for helping you to establish the routine of a daily appointment with God.


Author Barry Miller also explores biblical cycles of seven years and fifty years to shed light on wise times to take financial risks and wise times to shed risk. Aware that many people have been financially damaged by the economic events of 2001 and 2008, Barry will show you why he is optimistic that 2016 is a good year to look for new opportunities in the market place.


This interactive, biblically based handbook is designed to help the church rediscover the eternal, disciple-making truths and examples found in the Scriptures. God’s Word still has the power to transform ordinary believers into disciples who can "turn the world upside down."