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book cover of Divine Code by Steve CioccolantiYou cannnot have a relationship with numbers, but you can have a relationship with the God who invented numbers. The God who wrote the Bible is unique in that His divine codes are hidden in the Bible, in our anatomy, and throughout the universe.

Steve Cioccolanti addresses the uncertainty that many of us face with regard to the End Times in this fascinating study of the meanings of numbers in the Bible. In his balanced, even-handed approach, Cioccolanti does not claim to predict the date of the Second Coming, but instead provides information to help each person form his or her own conclusions about the End Times.

The Divine Code from One to 2020 is a Scripture-based, carefully researched explanation of the presence of numbers and patterns throughout history. Cioccolanti encourages the search for understanding of the relationship between numbers and words in the Bible and prophecy. The author demystifies numbers and sequences found in the Bible, including both the familiar—"7" and "666" for example—and the lesser known, as well as crucial past and future dates.

Stimulating, thought-provoking and highly practical, The Divine Code from One to 2020 shows us how to apply the meaning of numbers to enhance our own lives in order to ultimately help us fulfill our purpose in life: to prepare for eternity.

Steve Cioccolanti, B.A., M.Ed. is a Christian author, and pastor and president of Discover Ministries in Australia. He holds qualifications from Monash University and The Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership, and is a sought-after speaker on cross-cultural communications, future global trends, and loving relationships. He is the author of the widely acclaimed book, From Buddha to Jesus, and his inspiring teachings air on public television. Cioccolanti demystifies biblical prophecy and makes the study of numbers accessible to everyone who wants to know for sure that there is more to life than random chance.