We Will Contact You

All of our co-publishing contracts include the following services.
Manuscript Evaluation

Our acquisition team reviews your manuscript to make sure it meets Creation House's publishing guidelines and standards.


Professional editors provide a substantive edit of your book's content.


Experienced copyeditors closely review your manuscript's structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


Editors will help you make necessary changes, corrections, revisions, and additions that are required for your text.


Professional typesetters will lay out your book's interior. If your interior includes illustrations or photos our typesetters will assist you in creating a design that fits the style and genre of your book.

Professional Cover Design

Our award-winning graphic designers will create for you a state-of-the-art cover that meets the market demands.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Your book will be assigned an ISBN to identify the title in the trade.


We will apply for the copyright certification from the U.S. Library of Congress on your behalf.

library of congress catalog number (LCCN)

We will apply for an LCCN that is printed on the copyright page of your book.

High-Quality Printing

We use professional printers that provide quality materials and are also used to produce best-selling books found in bookstores nationally.

Prompt Production

Your book will have 12 weeks of production time scheduled. Delays can prolong the process.

Premium Trade Marketing

As your publisher, we will make your book available to industry trade buyers, including major book distributors, bookstores, and Web sites. Your book will be featured in our Creation House trade catalog, which is distributed internationally, and press releases will be sent out to various media outlets.